300 Billion passwords by 2020, how many are yours?

The situation

A report by Cybersecurity Ventures suggests that the number of passwords is still growing, and set to pass 300 Billion before 2020.

As the total universe of passwords will likely grow from approximately 90 billion today to 300 billion by 2020, organizations across the world face a massively growing cyber security risk from hacked or compromised user and privileged accounts

Much of this growth is happening as the number of people online continues to grow.
However even on a per user basis, the number of passwords to remember is an increasing burden.

The problem

Humans are not good at remembering random secrets. Worse the more we are required to remember the more we have to compromise, by picking easy to remember passwords or reusing them.

This is the reason we started this forum, The situation is unsustainable and better solutions will have to exist in future.

And you

So tell us how many passwords do you have, and how do you manage them?

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Interesting article!

To be honest I have given up on creating new passwords for every account and just reuse the same couple. Unless it is related to work when I randomly generate one and then when I am logged out just click forgot password and create a new one.

I do like social logins because they are very easy to use, but I think they potentially come with greater risks that passwords!

To avoid users having to remember multiple passwords for social media accounts, new platforms allow for a single logon to be linked to these accounts. However, these platforms often share customer data without clear transparency to the user.


Social logins are very easy but once informed about their motivations they make me feel uncomfortable. I am using a password manager that has 154 unique passwords stored in it. I have logged into 21 websites where I have used a duplicate password so really I should change those to take my total number of required passwords to 175.

In my memory, I store two pin numbers and three passwords that I can always remember. I can also remember my phone number, the height of Angel Falls and several birthdays.


I use Mac OSXs password manager and have just checked - it currently manages 382 passwords for me. Plenty of which (a rough guess from glancing through is about half of them) have a warning attached to them that they share an identical password with another service. :grimacing:
As Richard, I re-use PINs across several bank cards. Not ideal, I know, but there are so many personal verification details we have to remember.
I try to create a new account on each site that requires it for me to use its services. I actively have always avoided using my social media account as a login on other sites. They already know enough about me without me helping them follow me on other sites.


382! That’s a new record in our experience. :trophy:

Although perhaps not a record you want. :neutral_face:

Yes. I have decided to go through and remove accounts on some old websites (if they have not done this anyway due inactivity) and then remove the password from the manager. There are so many old services in there who may leak a password which is active on another and perhaps more critical service. Thankfully this site didn’t end up adding another password to the list. :slight_smile:

I have no idea how many I have to be honest- like a lot of people I am sure!


I’ve got 277 logins, managed for me via 1Password.

It’s good they have a web app version, as if I lost my phone/didn’t have my computer, I’d be in trouble!


I use Passpack to generate a random password (such as 7THJ,@>*-&'LADXo) for each site I use. In total I have 678 passwords saved. Passpack is free for up to 100 passwords, but costs me $18 per year (for up to 1,000).

The browser usually remembers my most frequently used passwords so I don’t need to copy & paste them from Passpack. But this does become painful when moving between browsers, such as when switching between laptop and mobile phone.


I use 1Password (and have been using LastPass before) and have about 700 logins, most of which with unique passwords :smiley:

While it sometimes struggles a little bit with some login forms or with logging in to mobile apps, I really like it. I like the fingerprint vault unlock on the phone, otherwise I’d never be able to use it on mobile, my master password is too long to type in without a proper keyboard :wink:


My masterpassword is crazy long for Last Pass and I’ve written it on a piece of paper which I keep inside a fire-proof bag because it’s impossible (well not practical) to memorise. Lastpass also seems to not cope very well with subdomains but maybe there’s a better way to handle that. To be honest, while LastPass is good (other password managers are available) it’s a fix for a broken idea in my opinion.

I wonder how many devices the average consumer has? A phone and another 1 at least probably. I would not be surprised if it’s normal for someone to have a phone, tablet, laptop, a couple voice command devices and a smart watch.

We watched an expose the other day where a hacker hacked into a TV and used it to activate a voice command service, such as Alexa, to unlock the front door via the home owner’s smartlock. Hilarious.