Breaking up big tech, requires an open sign-in protocol

I think this post jumps to conclusions a bit, but it’s interesting the author thinks sign-in is so important.
In my opinion it will take a lot more to break up big tech, also I have never used a sign in with amazon button

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Now that I’m replacing my gmail email with a more privacy friendly alternative (tutanota), I really agree. I used to use “sign in with Google” on many websites and undoing it now is going to be a big pain…

Actually I went for protonmail instead of tutanota, tutanota has major UX problems.

Has anyone here moved from one main email address to another and lived to tell the tale? I’m curious if there’s a sane way of going about it…

On the bright side my new email is in my own domain - hello(4T) - so in the future I’ll be able to switch providers without much of a hassle.