MasterPassword app
MasterPassword doesn’t store the passwords, it’s not a Password manager.

From the above link:
Think of it as, a store-bought calculator. If your name was 1337 , your master password was 5317 and you’d like to log into the site 707 , take any calculator in the world and type in 1337 + 5317 + 707 to get the password to use for this site, = 7361.

What if you lose or break your device? Borrow a buddy’s or get a new one, math is universal.
Does a calculator need to sync with the cloud before you can use it? No, just remember your own name and master password.


Can anyone think of its weaknesses.

  • Is it really better than Password managers.
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I like it’s simplicity, but I can see a number of problems.

  • You have to put the domain in correctly, i.e. did you use
  • Some sites have the same login system across multiple domains.
  • Domains do change over time so you will need to remember the old domain.
  • You have to remember which option you chose as it lets you form your password as phrase, long, short, pin etc.
  • Also what if the generated password doesn’t pass the sites password rules.

Several of those things you are going to have to remember for each site in addition to your master password.

Great share - thanks Priyalk. Password managers are good but this sounds better because it’s not storing the password so I guess that risk of having the master password broken and that database revealed is not so much of a concern.

Overall, though, password managers patch the password problem and don’t get to the root cause of the issue. So long as there are password managers patching up password insecurity, there will be users that don’t use password managers and have insecure passwords.