Microsoft passwordless login using FIDO2 security key

Microsoft are offering secure login with security keys so here is my review. Microsoft have published a blog on their announcement and I thought this would be the best link to share because it gives all the background and links to where you can try their system and find out more:

  • How long did it take you?

I didn’t actually manage to complete the process but the parts I did complete took a minute or so. I was unable to continue with the setup because I do not have a USB or NFC device to hand upon which to store my secure key.

  • What did you like/love?

The promise of passwordless auth was great but I dislike the fact I was unable to actually follow through with the setup because I didn’t have the right additional hardware. Raises questions about how this would work on a mobile device.

  • What is frustrating/infuriating?

Setup requires a key which can be purchased from two different suppliers that are linked to in the blog post. The cheapest is $20. This puts the cost squarely into the user’s pocket.

  • Did you run into any trouble when using it?

Well, I didn’t have the right hardware. Microsoft also wanted to MFA me before the setup process and their text with their secure code in never arrived so I had to go back, start again and go down the email route to get the secure code to satisfy the MFA requirement.

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