Notion Passwordless Login

Notion (

Notion has the best and simplest passwordless login I’ve ever used. It was so simple and explained so well. First, I was asked if I wanted to sign in with email. I did, so Notion explained that a code would be emailed to me and I should copy it and return here. In goes the email address, email arrives, code copied, code pasted, I’m in.

There is a ‘magic link’ option in the email as well as the ‘magic code’. I have tried both. The magic link click sends you to the page you were originally on and loads up the page you’re trying to get to.

Reasons why this UX works well:

  1. As few steps in the process as possible.
  2. Option to magic link or code copy all in one place.
  3. Magic link click gets you into the page you’re trying to get to immediately.

The only thing I don’t like is use of red for the buttons on the login pages. These make me feel like an error has occurred but it hasn’t, they’re just red.


This might sound silly, but: what are the reasons for why someone would opt for pasting in the login code over just clicking the link?

To make sure there are in the same browser that they started using. Some email clients open links in web views.
Also if the code is short enough it allows you to open the email on your phone and type it in.

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