Pico - Authentication device from the University of Cambridge



Pico consists of a small portable device that stores the user’s credentials. The Picosiblings are even smaller wearable accessories that tell the Pico its owner is nearby. The Pico can then automatically log the user in to websites and other protected systems, and log them out again when appropriate.

“aura of safety”

One of the unique parts of this project is the idea of an “aura of safety” as a way to protect against your device being stolen. True it involves even more even smaller devices, “the pico siblings”, but it is a creative solution. I would recommend watching the intro video at least, it explains these and it’s only 6 minutes.

“For normal human beings, passwords are a disaster”

Frank Stajano (the principal investigator) explains well that “annoying” security professionals coming up with new rules on special characters and how long a password should be is not really a solution.
It’s refreshing to be reminded that when you fail to follow all the password best practices, it’s not your fault as it was a near impossible set of hoops to jump through in the first place