Trusona Password-less Login Review

Trusona launched in February 2016 and uses a mobile app with QR code scanning for logging into sites on your laptop or the app itself for logging in on your mobile device.

Trusona is easy to use, they have a good demo on their website. You download the Trusona app and ‘sign up to Trusona’ accepting their privacy terms. The app wants access to your face scan, fingerprint or pin code acting as a ‘locked app’. Once you have finished signing up and verified your email address you can then scan the QR code supplied by the website you are trying to log into in order to gain access.

Now i have the Trusona app, I can log into any site offering Trusona. In all, set up took about ten minutes.

It’s very slick but you do have to go and download an app. For a first-time experience this takes time and is a bit clunky but I can see the long-term benefit.

I had no problems using this and didn’t find it frustrating at all. The only thing I didn’t like is it worked out what my name was without me telling it. Maybe it collected this information from my phone?

I did try to read their privacy policy which I was forced to accept and this was very long and legal.

Here is a guide to ‘What is Trusona?’

Overall this seems a very promising alternative to passwords:

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