UX idea: FP community sign up experience


I want to share a UX idea based on my first-time login experience with forgetpasswords.com.

The Problem:

There was friction in the process because I opened the confirmation email on my phone instead of on my laptop–where I started my login experience.

  1. I clicked ‘Log In’ to create an account on my laptop
  2. I entered my email address
  3. I was asked to check my email and click the ‘confirm’ link
  4. I opened the confirmation email on my phone
  5. I was asked to copy and paste a character string back on the ‘sign-in page,’ which was open on my laptop.
  6. I had to re-open my email on my laptop and copy/paste the character string (point of friction)

Options to solve:

Option 1: Tell me to open the confirmation email on the same device
Option 2: If possible, allow me to complete login on my desktop by just having to click ‘Confirm’ on my phone.

I’m not super technical so I’m not sure if option 2 is feasible. Nevertheless, Is that helpful?

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