What is Passwordless Authentication?

Okra’s Passwordless Future Report (linked in the original article) is also relevant / interesting: https://www.okta.com/passwordlessfuture/thank-you/

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The report seems to be all about Biometrics, and almost no other kinds of passwordless authentication.
Not really a very complete view of the landscape.

Agree. The report also looks at evidence that 86% of those asked had reservations about sharing their biometric data. This conclusion is interesting: ‘Organizations can leverage the devices that people are already carrying in a highly secure way that still respects their privacy and doesn’t leak any information about who else they might be communicating with or which apps they may be using.’ Biometrics is likely to play a part.

I have a strong suspicion that this might be true for a while yet. Biometric looks like it can only be part of the solution at most.